Punch Buggy (Espresso Beans)

Punch Buggy (Espresso Beans)

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Nut, Fruit
Origin: Brazil and Papua New Guinea

Our house espresso. Rich and creamy with chocolate, fruit and nut in the cup. 

Smooth, rich and balanced, Punch Buggy fits all occasions.
Blended to have a rich, chocolatey backbone and a subtle fruit accent, this espresso is great on it’s own and lights up in milk. Is your espresso machine broken? Don’t worry, it’s fantastic brewed as filter coffee too.

Like all of our espresso, it's recommended that you use this as an espresso after at least 5 days of rest and it's best after 8.

Currently, Punch Buggy is:

75% Cachoeira da Grama - Brazil
25% Kunjin - Papua New Guinea

 Parameters to get you started:

19g IN / 33g OUT / 27 seconds
(200F with filtered water)