Death and the Intern / Jeremy Hanson-Finger

Death and the Intern / Jeremy Hanson-Finger

Scrubs meets The Maltese Falcon and The Crying of Lot 49

Janwar Gupta, a brilliant but neurotic medical student intern, has a patient die under suspicious circumstances during his placement at the Ottawa Civic Hospital. Certain of his innocence, Janwar bumbles his way through an amateur investigation of two feuding groups of anaesthesiologists and navigates a romance with journalism student and barista Susan Jonestown, who is investigating a drug trafficking conspiracy involving the Hells Angels and a network of dog walkers that leads back to Janwar’s colleagues at the hospital.

Featuring an ensemble cast of unscrupulous, high-strung, and hilarious characters, Death and the Intern twists and subverts the hospital drama and hard-boiled detective genres with equal parts humour and pathos.

Jeremy Hanson-Finger was born in Victoria, BC. A co-founder of the magazine Dragnet, his short fiction has appeared in Joyland, Little Fiction, and Feathertale, and his non-fiction in The Puritan. His website is This is his first novel. He currently lives in Ottawa.

“By and large, Death and the Intern works. It works as genre fiction but it also works as pastiche. It’s a page-turning crime novel with a shot of dark comedy and enough medical jargon to keep things interesting without bogging down the narrative flow. A successful first novel from Jeremy Hanson-Finger and great summer beach read.” — Winnipeg Review

“Set in a vivid and compelling world of anesthesiologists gone bad, Jeremy Hanson-Finger’s Death and the Internis needle-sharp crime fiction that will definitely not put you to sleep.” — Gary Barwin, author of Yiddish for Pirates