Cork Planter

Cork Planter

Shown at Toronto's design week offsite show DoDesign in 2016, and the 2016 spring One Of A Kind show.

Cork is a naturally waterproof material making it a versatile, lightweight alternative to potting plants. These planters are hand turned out of solid blocks of dense cork and finished with food grade mineral oil and beeswax. Because of their bulbous shape they can be displayed in a hanger, or placed on a flat surface allowing them to sit off center.

Materials: Cork

Scuffs/Scratches/Stains - Lightly sand discoloured area with fine sandpaper and re-apply a food safe oil and/or wax (i.e. mineral oil, bees wax).

Colour Fading - If kept in a bright window the colour may fade over time. To restore the rich colour of the cork apply a food grade oil and/or wax (i.e. mineral oil, bees wax).

Size: 6"x6"x5"