Fallsy Downsies / Stephanie Domet

Fallsy Downsies / Stephanie Domet

Lansing Meadows has one last shot to get it right. With the clock ticking, he sets out on the road one last time, to sing his songs to anyone who’ll listen, and to try to right his wrongs, before it’s too late.

Fallsy Downsies is a novel about aging, art, celebrity, and modern Canadian culture, told through the lens of Lansing Meadows, the godfather of Canadian folk music; Evan Cornfield, the up and comer who idolizes him; and Dacey Brown, a young photographer who finds herself along for the ride.

Stephanie Domet lives in Halifax with her husband. Her debut novel, Homing, won the Margaret and John Savage First Book Award. She is forever trying to perfect homemade ravioli, and a piano rendition of “Sweet Caroline”.

“By the time I finished reading this book I was not only a little in love with Domet’s characters, but with the writer herself. You will be too…” — Andrew Kaufman, All My Friends Are Superheroes

“Domet’s aptly titled novel… is a tender portrayal of aging and an entertaining, compassionate story of an unlikely crew negotiating fraught and complicated friendships and finding meaning in each other.” — Quill & Quire

“…An intimately drawn portrait and an important addition to the Canadian cultural imagination.” — Atlantic Books Today

 “…A humourous commentary on the social, physical and musical Canadian landscape. It is a love letter to music and an insightful exploration of art as performance, but it is ultimately about the bravery required for personal and artistic perseverance in an unappreciative world.” — The Coast